So! You wrote your own copy and feel that you need a copy-spice-up?

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The Copy Audit

Yay! You wrote your own copy, well done!

Believe me, I know how hard it can be, especially when you’re writing about yourself and start overthinking every.single.word!

Now you’re reading it and feel that:

a) It’s all over the place

b) It’s boring and generic

c) Euuhh… almost certain now that writing just ain’t your thing

Play some P!nk coz I'm about to get this party started and spice your copy 3 simple steps:

01. You fill in a short form and, if we are a good fit, we jump on a call...

so we can get clear on your brand message and what makes you uniquely you (and tell each other what our favorite travel destinations are)

02. I audit and critique your copy guided by your branding...

paying attention to grammar, language, structure and making sure that you are writing for your ideal clients.

03. I send you all my recommendations, edits and bonus tips!

I lay it all out for you in writing and with a Loom video (I don’t hold back!) so that you hit all the right spots, spruce up your copy and win over your ideal client’s heart!

The result: clear and compelling copy that oozes with your brand personality and attracts your ideal client!

Chadvee in Canada

With the Copy Audit you get:

  • A in-depth call so you can pour your heart out and tell me exactly what you feel is missing in your current copy.
  • A fresh pair of eyes. Sometimes it’s hard to see mistakes when you’ve been staring at them too long. I’ll do all that nitty gritty work for you.
  • Full access to my creative El Dorado. I literally burst with creative ideas to improve your copy and map out your ideal client’s customer journey, so make the most of it!
  • SEO (if applicable) Is your copy seducing Google? I’ll identify your keywords and help you get rank better on Google.
  • BONUS: If you want to hand over the reins, the price you pay for the Audit goes towards me writing your copy myself! (who doesn’t love a good deal!)

Website Copy

for those who need clearer web copy that oozes with your unique personality
$ 450
  • 90 minute call to discuss you copy edits and vision
  • Copy audit of a 4-5 page website
  • Edits and recommendations for a 4-5 page website
  • Recording of our call and audit walkthrough

Sales Copy

for those selling a digital product or service and need powerful copy that converts
$ 550
  • 90 minute call to discuss you copy edits and vision
  • Defining your ideal client, USP and brand message
  • Audit of 1 long-form or 2 short-form Sales Pages
  • Edits and recommendations
  • Recording of our call and audit walkthrough
Hop on! You're in very good company