Looking for a launch copywriter to help you showcase the heart-centered coach you are?

Launch and sales copy

Launch your program confidently with irresistible Launch Copy

You’ve created a meaningful coaching program that’s gonna make an impact in people’s lives…but you’re not so keen on doing the whole launching part. You’re a coach, not a copywriter. In fact, writing sales copy and planning a pre-launch get you pulling at your hair, screaming at your screen and destroying that backspace key!

So you’re closing the Google Doc thinking:

a) How do I explain how good this product is without sounding overly sales-ly (and desperate)?

b)If only I had a launch copywriter who just gets what I’m trying to say here…and writes it better.

c) I could be Netflix-binging on The Crown right now instead of having to figure out what launch copy is…


Let's de-stress this entire process and craft intentional launch copy that converts...in 3 simple steps:

01. You fill in a short form and, if we are a good fit, we jump on a call...

so we can get clear on your coaching brand and your course. We can do some brainstorming on the spot and if you like where it’s headed, I’ll block my calendar with your name and we can get cracking!

02. I retreat into my hermit copywriter's cave and start designing your launch strategy and drafting insanely good launch copy.

I’ll be reaching out from time to time when I need answers. And you have unlimited email access to me, so go ahead and send me any new ideas and random thoughts that’s cross your mind.

03. It's done! Time to pop the champagne and watch the sign-ups roll in!

We go over the launch strategy and launch copy in detail. Once we’re happy with what we’ve got, it’s simply a plug-in and enjoy affair. Your readers will be drooling all over authentic launch copy that finds it way straight to their hearts. They’ll see exactly why your program is meant for them!

The result: ridiculously good launch copy and a pre-launch and launch plan for your coaching program or course. That get your reader excited, scrolling...all the way down to the "buy now" button!

With this Done-For-You Launch Copy Package you get:

  • An in-depth call so you can tell me all about your product and who it’s for.
  • Your Brand Voice And Messaging Guide to add clarity, intention and impact to everything you write. And show your authority and expertise as a coach. We will go over your mission, vision, ideal audience and how you wish to communicate with them.
  • Your Launch Content Calendar & Strategy so that you are optimizing all your copy. I’ll show you how to be smooth like honey when pre-launching and launching and selling your product through social media and emails.
  • All kinds of launch copy. Launch copy includes sales page copy (long and short), email sequence copy, blogs, Facebook ads copy and Instagram copy. You name it, and I’ll see how I can make it happen.
  • A winning launch copy structure. It’s not just what we write, it’s the way we write it. Launch copy that entices and converts without sounding sleazy, unethical and overly FOMO-inducing! We speak from the heart in your world, and we focus on communicating how your offer is giving value and creating positive impact.
  • Full access to my creative El Dorado. I literally burst with creative ideas to improve your launch copy, map out your ideal client’s customer journey and help you during webinars, so feel free to pick my brain!
  • Full email support during the time we are together. Don’t hesitate. Ever.

Sales Page Launch Copy

for coaches who need compelling sales copy that reflects their digital offer and shows you know your stuff.
USD 2750
  • Deep-dive call
  • Customer research & analysis
  • Authentic Brand Voice Guide and Messaging Framework
  • Done-for-you sales page copy (long and short form variation)
  • Launch Recommendations
  • 2 independent critiques from my network
  • 2 revisions
  • Optional Upgrade: Add SEO blogs to get you those organic views on Google (+$1000 for 4 long-form blogs - 1500-2000 words each)

The Full Package

for coaches who don't want to leave any lose ends: get killer copy that nurtures and converts existing and new potential clients across all platforms.
USD 4750
  • Deep-dive call
  • Customer research & analysis
  • Authentic Brand Voice Guide and Messaging Framework
  • Pre-Launch & Launch Strategy
  • Pre-Launch & Launch Content Calendar
  • Done-for-you sales page copy (long and short form variation)
  • Email sequence strategy to nurture your audience towards your lead magnet and product
  • 7 Done-for-you email sequence copy
  • 10 Done-for-you social media posts
  • 2 independent critiques from my network
  • Message Training Wrap-Up Call
  • 2 revisions
  • Optional Upgrade: Facebook Ad Copy (Custom price)
  • Optional Upgrade: Add SEO blogs to get you those organic views on Google (+$1000 for 4 long-form blogs - 1500-2000 words each)

Hop on! You're in very good company

Whoops! Where are my manners?

Hey! I'm Chadvee, your soon-to-be launch copy bestie.

Back in 2018, I left the corporate world to build my copywriting business and help purpose-driven creatives (like you) find their authentic brand voice, sell their creative services online effortlessly, and turn what they love doing into a profitable business.

Grab some tea (or a gin tonic) and get ready. We a about to go down that rabbit hole and discover your what makes you a unique coach and how your course is here to make an impact in the world.

You in?

website Copywriter for service providers

My Launch Copy services are perfect for...

Heart-Centered Coaches and Consultants, Creative Freelancers, and Conscious Service-Providers who are ready to increase their impact in the world through high-quality and transformative education. In short, if you believe truly that you’re here to serve and make a difference through sharing your knowledge and guidance with others, let’s talk.

Rapid Fire Time? Go for it!

Frequently Asked Questions About Launch Copywriting For Coaches & Course Creators

To be heart-centered means to be driven by passion to make a positive impact in the world.

Being heart-centered or heart-driven implies that you are motivated by something bigger than simply making profits, you believe in your purpose strongly and you have a vision of how you want the world to be.

As a heart-centered service provider, you are client-focused. You are a great listener, constantly improving your services to help them achieve their goals and feel joy whenever your client experiences positive change in their life.

Is this you? If it is, we are a good match! Let’s talk more about how I can help you help others.

Thanks for asking! A launch copywriter creates meaningful and magnetic brand messaging for your business with intent to bring conversions and sales.

In general, copywriters do more than writing – they are expert brand strategists, digital marketers, and content experts. They typically write words that attract and convert for sales pages, websites, printed marketing material, high quality blogs, advertisements, campaigns, and more.

Launch copywriters focus on copy that showcases your digital product, like an online course or membership program, to communicate your offer in a clear and captivating way. The goal is to take your reader from curiosity to a “hell yes!” and get them scrolling fast to that “buy now” button.

If you want to read more about how a copywriter can help you in your business, make sure to check out this blog.

If you are a creative freelancer, coach, consultant or service provider who wants to create an online course or membership program to extend your impact, share your knowledge and make more money in the process, then yes, launch copy is what you need!

Launch copy helps you get laser-focused on your ideal client and your brand message so that you can communicate with your audience effectively. Not everyone will know how good your product is from the get-go. Launch copy helps you do this, effortlessly. So you can stop sending countless dms to prove that you are the real deal!

As an educator, you are a coach – even if that’s not your official title…yet!

Coaches not only show that have expertise is what they are teaching but also know how to move their students towards their goals and genuinely cheer for them!

So if you are a creative freelancer or expert service-provider who wants to use education as a means to share your gifts with the world, launch copy is for you. Let’s do this, sister!

You typically need 1-2 months to plan your launch properly – including pre-launch phase.

This gives us time to chat, do all the research, get all the data we need to design an epic INTENTIONAL launch that will bring results.

I only take on 2 launch clients each month, so I’d recommend booking 2-3 months before you’d like your launch to go live.

Initially, I will need 3-4 hours of your precious time to pick your brain, know your brand inside out and collect everything I need to create that clear captivating launch copywriting you know you deserve.

Give me that and I will handle the rest.

I know you have a LOT on your plate so you can trust I won’t be sending you a zillion emails about things that we’ve already talked about. I do my thang and you do yours, boo! Unless you want to discuss the latest season of The Crown – how good was that!? 

50% Deposit and the final payment done before finalizing your copy and handing over.

International transfers are done through Transferwise. If you have a Canadian bank account, we can simply do an e-transfer!

You’ll have to wait a minimum 2 weeks before we can delve into the launch copywriting process. However, I typically get booked 1-2 months in advance so if you have a launch coming up soon, you’d want to get in touch with me sooner rather than later!

I’m going to be honest, sister (and bro!) – if you have just started your freelancing or creative business, launching a digital product might not be the best thing to do right now.

I suggest spending most of your time, effort and money researching your audience and testing whether your course or membership program is truly making the impact you want. You can do this through beta testing your course, getting friends and peers to look at it or even sending it out for free (or cheapy-cheap) to clients to see how much value they get from it!

Once you feel confident with your product, we can move into copy. With your stellar product and my stellar copywriting, we make a solid team 🙂

Of course, as your launch copywriter, I can definitely help you with your messaging and use my marketing (and MEd!) background to give you some tips!

If you are happy with your product, then yes! You want to get a copywriter sooner than later.

You know you’re great and you know your offer has incredible value but your audience does NOT know that yet! A copywriter helps you build trust with your audience, showcase your authority in your industry, and connect with your ideal client through personality-packed words.

I hear you – there’s a lot of work involved when you want to launch the perfect course. If you are feeling stuck from the overwhelm, let’s get on a consultation call to bring more clarity and create a roadmap for you. From your target audience and content to your messaging and marketing, we will discuss it all. You’ll leave the call feeling lighter and confident about your next step! Consultation calls cost USD250 and last around 90 min – that’s 90 minutes for you to ask me anything you want and for me to get you to reflect on the things you might have missed. If you’re interested, contact me here and we can set up a time!

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