SEO Website Copywriting for creatives who hate "boring" and "inauthentic" copy.

seo website copywriting

SEO Website Copy that tells the world who you *really* are.

In your head it makes a lot of sense…on your laptop screen, not so much.

Let’s be honest, writing copy for your website has been on your to-do list for a while now. 

Sure, you’ve filled up all that Lorem Ipsum space but at the moment it just looks like a lot of mumble jumble that’s probably confusing readers and pushing them away. Not to mention this whole SEO website copywriting everyone seems to be talking about…

Bottom line, your website definitely does not highlight your unique personality or your amazing services and it’s not getting any organic traffic!

So what are your options?

a) Hope for the best and spend more sleepless nights thinking about lost clients.

b) Pretend your website is “under construction” and tell potential clients you’ll send them an email instead.

c) Hire an experience copywriter that can read your soul and translate it into words on a website that ranks.


No more SEO website copy that's boring and confusing.
It's time to raise your words 3 simple steps:

01. You fill in a short form and, if we are a good fit, we jump on a call...

so we can get clear on your brand message, your services and what makes you uniquely you (and tell each other what our favorite Netflix show is at the moment)

02. I retreat into my hermit copywriter's cave and start drafting insanely good copy.

I’ll be reaching out from time to time when I need answers. And you have unlimited email access to me, so go ahead and send me any new ideas and random thoughts that’s crossed your mind.

03. It's done! Time to sit back and binge-watch that Netflix show you've been talking about.

Once we are both in a happy place, you can simply plug in your authentic and intentional copy and watch your website transform before your eyes! Congrats on your new website, it’s SO you!

The result: your brand message sorted and a full website written with clear and authentic copy you can confidently show off...AND ranks on Google!

digital nomad freedom

With the SEO Website Copywriting Package, you get:

  • An in-depth call so you can pour your heart out and tell me exactly what you want to see in your new copy.
  • Your brand message, as clear as day. So you know exactly who your ideal client is and how to communicate with them is the most authentic and persuasive way across all platforms.
  • Full access to my creative El Dorado. I literally burst with creative ideas to improve your copy and map out your ideal client’s customer journey, so make the most of it!
  • SEO. Is your copy seducing Google?  Consider your SEO website copywriting sorted. I’ll identify your keywords and help you get rank better on Google.
  • Super tasty web copy that will get your readers stalking you for hours and desperate to work with you!

Website Copy Basics

for those who need persuasive web copy that oozes with your unique personality
$ 2000
  • Deep-dive call
  • Your unique brand voice
  • Done-for-you copy for a 4-5 page website
  • SEO Copy
  • Bio for Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Recording of web copy walkthrough
  • Mini brand messaging guide
  • 2 Independent Critiques from my network
  • 2 Revisions

The Full Package

for those who are also tired of writing unrelated captions and need a SEO content strategy on top of killer web copy
$ 3450
  • Deep-dive call
  • Your unique brand voice​
  • Done-for-you copy for a 4-5 page website
  • SEO Content Audit
  • 4 SEO Long-Form Blog Posts
  • Bio for Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Recording of web copy walkthrough
  • Mini brand messaging guide
  • 2 Independent Critiques from my network
  • 2 Revisions

Hop on! You're in very good company


Hint: You'll need intentional copy + a few other things. Grab the blueprint!