VIP Day: The stress-free, easy way to get your copywriting needs fulfilled asap.

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Does copywriting make you feel clueless and overwhelmed?

Honey, it’s ok. We both know, you have a million things on your list already.

Let’s pause for a moment.

Breathe in and picture this:

You’re getting ready for your VIP Day zoom call with your copywriter.

You’re a VIP, so your copywriter cleared the next 8 hours to focus on you and your business only. 

She turned off her notifications and put her phone on silence. When she said that today is about you, she meant it.

You get excited on the call with her explaining your business, who you serve and what message you want your copy to convey.

You feel like you’re rambling – it’s been so long since you’ve last let yourself go and talk about all those ideas you had piling up in your head.

She loves it and wants you to keep going! She joins the dots when you feel lost. This copywriter is the real deal!

The call ends, you shoot her an email about something you forgot to mention. She responds immediately with some great ideas.

A few hours past and an email comes in. Subject line reads: First Draft Ready!

You feel a rush through your body as you click on the Google Doc. As you read through your fresh new copy, you break into a smile, relief envelopes you like a warm wooly blanket.

Finally, you’re ready to launch.

Pick Your VIP Day Copywriting Treat

01. Website Copywriting + SEO

3-5 Pages of captivating conversion copy ready to be published (Home, About, Services). Includes SEO and recommendations for your content strategy.

02. Sales Page Copywriting

Your sales page packed with your unique brand voice – short, medium, long, or anything in between. Includes mini brand voice and email launch recommendations.

03. Other Copywriting Bits

Think, your launch or welcome email sequence so that we turn these warm leads into piping hot ones. Or great SEO blogs that help your website rank higher on Google. Or something else?

We make the best use of our time together. I'll send you a detailed copywriting questionnaire 1 week in advance so that we focus on getting you results on the day.

The VIP Day Timeline

Today…like right now:

You book your VIP Day with me. As soon as the deposit payment comes through, I send you the copywriting questionnaire and a few dates and time for your VIP Day (2 weeks to a month in advance)

Make sure to send the questionnaire back so that I have time to know everything about you before our call. Time is precious, so let’s make the best use of it!

The Day Before -Zoom Date:

With your questionnaire and after doing my own research on your brand, your industry and your audience, we jump on a call together and talk more in-depth about your offer, what makes you unique and what your goals are.

The VIP Day: 

This is when I retreat into my wordsmith cave and write you some stellar copy. I also jot down a list of recommendations for your content marketing and get your mini brand voice guide ready.

I’ll be available during the day via email so if you need to tell me anything else, feel free to shoot me an email!

Expect an email from me with your first draft!

The Morning After:

Wake up to fresh coffee and a new email in your inbox – your finalized copy ready for you to publish whenever you want!

You’ll also get a walkthrough video where I explain all the revisions and what your next steps should be.


Bonus alert! You’ll also get a mini brand voice guide and a list of recommendations that you can use to improve your content marketing rightaway!

Told you this would be soooo worth it!

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But really. This is more than getting good copy. It's about you feeling:

  • Confident – to show your copy to your prospective clients, friends and most importantly, your mom.
  • Excited – To watch your organic traffic soar, your leads convert into clients, and people share your website with others
  • Empowered – Because you’ve found a strategic partner you can rely on. You’ll be getting SEO tips and marketing strategies that will help guide you as you continue to grow your business. Priceless!
  • Equipped – Guess what? It’s not just you who’s getting the goodies. Imagine if you had a brand voice and messaging guidebook that you could just pass on to your social media manager, marketing VA or any time you need to outsource work!
  • Supported – You’ll have full email support during the time we are together. Don’t hesitate. Ever.
  • Relief – Take the day off to spend with loved ones. Call your mom. Take a nap. Focus on your business growth strategy. Watch that movie on your Netflix list. The choice is yours.

Join other creatives who no longer feel stuck on copywriting and content marketing


for when you need a partner you can trust to get sh*t done when you're in a pinch.
USD 2200
  • 60 minute deep dive call
  • Full and Detailed Copywriting Questionnaire (sent in advance)
  • SEO & Persuasive Copy for your needs
  • Mini Brand Voice & Tone Guide
  • 2 Revisions within 24 hours
  • Walkthrough video
Enter the world of really good content marketing

Great copywriting is about understanding exactly what your customers need and how you can serve them better than anybody else.

Whoops! Where are my manners?

Hey! I'm Chadvee, your walking-twirling content strategy and marketing encyclopedia.

Back in 2018, I left the corporate world to build my copywriting business and help purpose-driven creatives (like you) find their authentic brand voice, sell their creative services online effortlessly, and turn what they love doing into a profitable business.

So, if you’ve been looking for a heart-centered, quirky copywriter to get you amazing copy that highlights your unique brand personality, ranks high on Google and gets your audience clicking for more, you’re in the right place.

Grab some tea (or a gin tonic) and get ready. We a about to go on a wild ride!

You in?

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Ouh is it Q&A time already? sweet!

Frequently Asked Questions About VIP Day Copywriting

Thanks for asking! A copywriter creates meaningful and magnetic brand messaging for your business with intent to attract, engage and convert your readers into buyers.

But copywriters do more than writing – they are expert brand strategists, digital marketers, and content experts.

They typically write words that attract and convert for sales pages, websites, printed marketing material, high quality blogs, advertisements, campaigns, and more.

If you want to read more about how a copywriter can help you in your business, make sure to check out this blog.

You’ll get upto 8 solid hours of my time.

But, let’s get real, this isn’t about time. This is about creating quality copy that bring results!

So, trust me to send copy your way only when I’m 1000% happy with what I’ve crafted for you.

Initially, I will need about 1-2 hours of your precious time to pick your brain, know your brand inside out and collect everything I need to get down to business.

Give me that and I will handle the rest.

I know you have a LOT on your plate already so you won’t have to worry about having to respond to a zillion emails form me.

Plus, if you have questions, we can talk about it in a wrap up call, on the next day!

50% Deposit upon booking VIP day and final payment on VIP day before final handover.

International transfers are done through Transferwise/ Wise. If you have a Canadian bank account, we can simply do an e-transfer!

Note, all prices listed on this website are in USD.

You’ll have to wait a minimum 2 weeks before we can delve into your copy together.

However, I typically get booked for the month fast so you’d want to get in touch with me sooner rather than later!

You just made the nerd in me very happy!

If you want to turn this VIP partnership into a full-on coaching one, I can take you into the ins-and-outs of good website copywriting. Let’s do it!

This coaching will be hands on where you use YOUR WEBSITE to help you practice your copywriting skills and SEO marketing. We move at your pace.

As a ballpark, every additional coaching session with me USD250 for a deep 90-minute one-on-one. You, me, and my new favorite drink, Kiwi Tonic.

OR if you are looking for a more hands-on and deeper work together, I welcome you to check my exclusive Coaching-Consulting services. 

You’ll learn about copywriting, marketing and content strategy while I do the initial heavy-lifiting and teach YOU how to move forward with it with ease and confidence.

As I mentioned before, this is lifelong learning and guidance that will stay with you as you continue to grow as a business owner.

Make sure to mention that you want to add coaching to the website content audit service when getting in touch with me and we can discuss the deets!

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