Heard You’re Looking For A Great Content Marketer & Copywriter In Your Corner…

There are 3 things a really good content marketer & copywriter should be doing:

1. Develop focused strategies and write personality-packed copy that attracts and converts your ideal clients.

2. Make the entire marketing funnel clear, stress-free, and result-driven.

3. Free up your time so you can finally focus on 100% on your business…or indulge in that Netflix binge you’ve had on your list for months now, guilt-free.

Luckily, I do all three. Plus a few extras.


seo copywriter for creatives
Hey, I’m Chadvee!

A website copywriter and marketing strategist for your creative business

As a website copywriter for creative entrepreneurs and service-based businesses, I help you turn your vision into a profitable reality. Here’s how we make it happen:

1) by clarifying your message, 

2) developing an authentic brand voice that speak directly to your target audience,

3)  using the power of copywriting and content marketing to help you gain visibility, authority and trust on the Internet. 

So you make sales, with ease.

And create a life and business where you can THRIVE.

My mission: To help service-based businesses and creative entrepreneurs clarify their brand message and develop a solid marketing strategy so they win over their ideal clients’ hearts.

You and I are both purpose-driven entrepreneurs with creative souls. That's why we do things differently.

When you choose to work with me, you’ll quickly find out that I do creative copywriting and marketing the no-bs way.

I believe in a website copywriting and marketing that is heart-centered, one that has as main purpose to build deep connections and enrich your ideal client’s life.

No, I don’t write sales-y (and plain fake) copy. I create intentional copy that persuades buyers to choose you over others because they trust you care about them.

Heart-centered business owners and I tend to get along really well:

Becoming a copywriter was not always in my plans...

22-year-old Chadvee graduated King’s College London with a business degree and so much ambitious to climb that corporate ladder. 

I thought I’d be joining a huge company, wearing heels everyday, and, as most 22-year-old graduates dream of, making an impact.

chadvee high ticket shift

But that didn’t happen. First of all, heels pinch my toes. Second… 


My off-beat, loud personality never seemed to fit, my creativity felt blocked, and my heart always longed for more.


I wasn’t sure where I wanted my career to go. So I quit, went back to school and enrol in a Master’s in Leadership degree.

During my last semester, I found out I could study online. I packed a suitcase and headed over to South East Asia, slow traveling, eating and writing my final thesis.
I also started a travel blog for fun – that’s when things started to unravel…

Storytelling is what filled my cup.

I’d spend most of my time in Asia writing online and learning about the art of storytelling.
And then I fell – dived, rather – in the rabbit hole of content marketing and copywriting. Finally, I cracked the code and got invited to the secret (not-so-secret) SEO society.
My “just-for-fun” travel blog quickly caught small business owners’ attention and they started reaching out and asking if I offered copywriting services.

I saw an opportunity to help CEOs find clarity in what they wanted to offer, define their UVP, and design a business and life that made them feel fulfilled.

So I shocked my parents, threw those stupid heels away and downloaded Zoom.

I entered the world of passionate creatives, startups and entrepreneurs. Other businesses who put their clients and their teams first. Who believed in remote work and empowering others to do their best work.

Fast forward to 2024. I got a job offer I could not refuse – Content Marketing Manager for boutique business advisory. And because I just cannot get enough, I dedicate some of spare time to and content marketing consulting for service-based businesses and creative entrepreneurs (especially female-owned and led!)


And if I’m not obsessing over the About page for my clients, you’ll find me nose-deep in a new fiction book, watching Marie Forleo’s latest video, or traveling the world, chatting with locals and tasting some damn good food.

Let's have some fun!

Tell me, d’you love personality tests as much as I do?

Myers-Briggs: ENTP – The Debater

Enneagram: Type 8w7 – The Maverick

Zodiac: Aquarius


My Philosophies:

-I am a strong believer in designing a lifestyle you can thrive in.
-I choose collaborative environments, always.
-I believe that life is full of changes and transformations and we are constantly learning and growing.
-Progress over perfection.


My Hobbies:

In my free time, I enjoy eating and slow traveling around the globe, striking up conversations with the locals and admiring the incredibly beautiful world we live in.

I am obsessed with philosophy and personal development. Right now, I’m hooked on Jordan Peterson, Alain de Botton, and Brene Brown.


My Vision Board:

In two years, I’ll have a Bernese Mountain Dog and spend my days at home writing and teaching others to achieve financial freedom while doing something they enjoy.

I’ll be drinking organic tea, reading about conscious marketing, and cuddling my fur-angel before taking him out for a hike!

What does your vision board look like?

So -now that you're all up-to-date - Ready to see what's in this quirky, nerdy, cookie-loving copywriter's pantry?

Become a creative freelancer
Looking for more than a cool copywriter?

How about "Marketing Educator obsessed with making life and business simple" instead?

Figured the 9-5 corporate life was not exactly what you wanted? Well, well.

You, my friend, are a leader and a dreamer. 

You’ve figured that out and now it’s time to turn what you are truly passionate about into a profitable business.

But here’s the deal:

Becoming a creative freelancer or service provider is not a happy-go-lucky affair.

 It’s a lot of hard work, getting out of your comfort-zone, sometimes feeling alienated from your loved ones, and getting knocked around, over and over again.

But! When done right, having your own business is terribly gratifying (especially when what you love doing is starting to make you money!)

So, hello again! I am delighted to have you here.  

And I am committed to bringing the very best to the table, with hope to aspire, encourage, cheer you and share everything I am living and learning with you while you embark on this crazy journey!

Head over to my YouTube Channel where I keep it real and share how to write copy that does not suck, marketing strategies to grow your purposeful business, and my very own personal development journey as I continue to design a life and business I love.


Whether you want me to write you some ridiculously good copy or need guidance on this whole creative freelancing thing, I'm your gal.


Hint: You'll need intentional copy + a few other things. Grab the FREE blueprint!