Marketing Consultant For Heart-Centered Service Providers & Small Businesses

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B2B Marketing Consulting That Helps Your Service Business Grow and Thrive.

Hey Biz Owner, I see you!

And believe me, I know how hard it is, when you’re wearing all the hats in your business.

Over the years, I’ve worked with dozens of service providers. Coaches, consultants, industry experts, creative freelancers and heart-centered entrepreneurs. Just like you.

And when it comes to marketing, it boils down to 3 main issues:

1) You are confused by all the marketing information available online and keep jumping from one marketing strategy to the other. 

2) You don’t have the expertise when it comes to copywriting, content marketing, analyzing data, and selling. You feel this stops them from communicating the true value of your professional services effectively.

3) You would much much rather focus on taking care of their clients than spending countless hours figuring out marketing and selling your services.

But, in all three cases, you know how powerful and invaluable marketing is for you service business to succeed.

Luckily, I managed to catch your marketing S.O.S. on my radar.

Psst…trust me with the right strategic partner, you can make marketing less yucky. Me, I’m the right strategic partner.

A B2B Marketing Consultant Will Help You Gain Clarity and Direction In Your Service Business

Ready to DO REAL MARKETING together?

Hey! I'm Chadvee, your nerdy copywriter and B2B marketing consultant.

Back in 2018, I left the corporate world without a clear plan, only my 7 years of marketing experience, and business degree from King’s College London and a Masters in Leadership.

But I did know this: I wanted to make an impact. For myself and for others.

In 2019, I launched my copywriting and marketing strategy business. An exciting move that allowed me to achieve my vision. 

I now work with purpose-driven businesses, coaches and consultants and help them find their authentic brand voice, clarify their message and attract ideal clients.

So, what’s in it for you? During our year together,  we will observe, analyze and continuously improve not only your copywriting but your organic marketing (aka, SEO) and selling strategies so you find yourself working smarter, not harder.

My goal is to empower you with a learning experience that will guide you today, tomorrow, and all the years to come.

You in?

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A Marketing Coaching-Consulting Hybrid Approach

Before creating this program I wondered how to call myself: 

Am I a marketing coach?

Not really, marketing coaches tend to get you to reflect and do all the heavy-lifting. I want to do the heavy-lifting with you.

So, am I a marketing consultant?

Neither. Because you don’t just need an experienced marketer to create the right strategies for you. You need a coach who is by your side and ready to hold your hand and guide you when things get confusing.

Ultimately my goal is to share my marketing process with you and empower you with the tools and knowledge you need to master your marketing and sales for the years to come.

So I guess, for lack of better options, I’ll call myself a Marketing Coach-Consultant.

Here’s how it goes…

Let's Transform The Way You Do Marketing...In 4 Steps

1. You fill in a short form and, if we are a great marketing fit, we take this to zoom.

We have a heart-to-heart and dig deeper into why you feel stuck with your marketing and copywriting. 

And if you feel I am aligned with your values and business needs, we seal the deal with a contract and the first payment, followed by an in-depth copywriting and marketing questionnaire.

Everything we do from day 1 is intentional and heart-centered AF.

2. The Content Audit & Masterplan

Here’s where the magic happens. 

First, we audit your website and your current marketing and sales strategy. We’ll look at your competition, the industry, SEO opportunities and anything else that will benefit you. 

Then, we create an effective content marketing strategy that works for your business and – more importantly – for you. From SEO and web copy to repositioning your offer and refining your sales process, no rocks are left unturned. 

3. Quarterly check-ins and content help for a year.

“But I don’t know if I’m doing it right!” You will, coz I’ll be checking. Every. Damn. Word.  

Every quarter, we get back together on a strategy and check-in call to ensure that the strategy is working. You’ll have my eyes on your copy and content, analyzing everything you’re writing. Ill also be checking how well your website is doing using Google Analytics, Search Console and other SEO tools. 

PS: Feeling naughty and don’t want to write? Let me know and I’ll take care of that for ya!

4. Track, Learn, and Tweak.

In Japanese business philosophy, there’s a term called Kaizen. Kaizen directly translates to “continuous improvement”. 

You see, it’s only once you implement a strategy that you can track what works and what doesn’t. And you can make changes based on that information. 

This is what being intentional in your marketing is all about.

seo copywriter for websites

But, this is more than finding a qualified marketing consultant...

It’s about making you feel…

  • Confident – to show your website to your prospective clients, friends and most importantly, your mom.
  • Chilled-out – Because your content is doing the heavy lifting for you before you even get on the phone. Plus, you know exactly how to navigate that call now and enjoy high closing rates.
  • Excited – To watch your organic traffic soar, your leads convert into clients, and people share your website with others
  • Empowered – Because you’ve found a strategic partner you can rely on. You’ll be getting marketing strategies and sales coaching that will guide you as you continue to grow your business. Priceless!
  • Relieved – Because I’ll be puting my teacher hat on and checking all your copy and marketing closely, going over your sales pitch, and thinking of creative ways to get you ahead when launching and promoting your programs and services.
  • Guided – Let’s be honest: there’s a LOT of marketing information out there on blogs and Youtube, in courses and books. And it’s precisely because there’s SO MUCH information that you are hardly moving the needle when it comes to marketing and sales. As your marketing consultant, I help you focus on what’s relevant and effective for your business so you can ignore the rest.
  • Supported – So much about being a biz owner is rooted in having the right mindset. Through our coaching sessions, I’ll help you shift into an abundance and bold mindset and will get you feeling confident, focused and relaxed. Imposter syndrome and burn-outs can f*ck off!

It's Time To Fast Track Your Service Business

Phase 1: SEO Content Marketing Strategy Intensive

USD 2500*
  • Marketing & Sales Questionnaire
  • Deep Dive Call
  • Content Audit (including competitor analysis, keyword research, Google Analytics and Search Console audit, website speed and responsiveness)
  • SEO Recommendations on and off website
  • Content Marketing Planning & Goal Setting
  • Audience Research and Buyer Personas
  • Copywriting Recommendations
  • Sales Strategy Recommendations
  • Walkthrough video

Phase 2: Quarterly SEO Content Marketing Consulting

starting quarterly USD 1500*
  • 90-Minute Quarterly Check In + Strategy Call
  • Quarterly Content planning
  • Copywriting review on all channels: website, socials, emails, and more
  • Copywriting and Editing when you need it
  • SEO optimization
  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console review
  • Youtube and video outlines and structure
  • Bonus (if paid in full for the year): unlimited email support on all things copywriting and marketing
Ouh is it Q&A time already? sweet!

Frequently Asked Questions About Content Marketing Consulting For Service Providers

As a marketing consultant for small businesses, I analyze your current marketing and use my expertise to develop a solid marketing strategy that with help you move your business forward. Many small businesses cannot afford to pay for a marketing agency to have a full-time marketing manager. That’s when a marketing consultant can step in and help you achieve your business goals while still remaining within your budget.

Thanks for asking! A copywriter creates meaningful and magnetic brand messaging for your business with intent to attract, engage and convert your readers into buyers.

In general, copywriters do more than writing – they are expert brand strategists, digital marketers, and content experts. They write words that attract and convert for sales pages, websites, printed marketing material, high quality blogs, advertisements, campaigns, and more.

If you want to read more about how a copywriter can help you in your business, make sure to check out this blog

 Yes! Yes! Yes!

In this marketing partnership, I take you into the ins-and-outs of good website copywriting, strategic marketing, nerdy SEO and the art of selling and booking premium clients. 

This is lifelong learning and guidance that will stay with you as you continue to grow as a business owner.

If you have a website for your business or personal brand and have been struggling to:

(1) Get traffic through organic searches on Google


(2) Been getting some traffic (or a lot of traffic) to your website but are hardly making any sales and can’t seem to figure out what it is about your website that’s not working


A content marketing audit can help you understand what needs fixing in your copywriting and content strategy.

Your website might need better SEO content to draw in that organic traffic.

Or your words need a spruce-up to really connect with your audience and convince them to buy your products or services. Or you might need both.

Let’s find out!

So if your website is dealing with a sad case of hardly any organic traffic via Google, SEO is what your missing.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. When you invest in seo content marketing, you are investing in a service that focuses on finding the best structure, keywords, metas, tags and other tricks that will optimize your website to rank better in Google search results.



Payment in advance every quarter. Bonus: VIP support when full payment is made in advance.

Note, all prices listed on this website are in USD.

Because good things take time! I don’t want to dump a whole load of information on your desk and leave you hanging.

Been there, done that.

And what I saw is clients who felt overwhelmed, intimidated and very close to giving up!

That’s why, I perfected this offer and created a quarterly consulting package that feels good.

During our year together,  we will observe, analyze and continuously improve your marketing and selling strategies so you find yourself working smart, not more.

My goal is to empower you with a learning experience that will guide you years to come.

You’ll have to wait a minimum 4 weeks before we can delve into your marketing strategy.

I am currently only taking 3 clients in 2023/2024 due to the time commitment and other projects so don’t wait too long!

Because my face is not plastered all over your Facebook Newsfeed?

JK (or am I?)

Here’s my take on this:

Too many service providers work with business coaches who do not have marketing experience. The result is money down the drain and fluff mindset words that do nothing for actually growing your business.

It’s time to call in the real expert.

With a Business degree from King’s College London (ranked top ten in the UK), a Master’s in Leadership and over 7 years of experience in marketing and sales, you can trust that I won’t be throwing Instagram hashtag tips and tell you that all you need you need is “consistency” to succeed. Duh!

Instead, you’ll be getting real marketing and sales strategies, real analytical work done by me, real copy edits, real training on understanding what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

You could call it a marketing consulting-coaching hybrid. What can I say, I like to get my hands dirty.

So if my qualifications, experience and sense of humor works for you, I think we’ll be a cool pair.

I look forward to getting on a call with you and talking about your vision. If you’re ready, click here.

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