Website Copywriting for Heart-Centered Service Providers And Small Businesses

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Captivating SEO Website Copywriting is how you attract your ideal client and the Google fairies.

Let’s be honest, getting website copywriting for your heart-centered service business has been on your to-do list for a while now. 

Sure, you’ve filled up all that Lorem Ipsum space. In your head it makes a lot of sense…on your laptop screen, not so much. 

All this mumble jumble is probably confusing readers and pushing them away. Not to mention this whole SEO website copywriting everyone seems to be talking about…

Bottom line, your website definitely does not highlight your unique personality or your amazing services AND it’s not getting any organic traffic!

So what are your options?

a) Hope for the best and spend more sleepless nights thinking about lost clients.

b) Pretend your website is “under construction” and tell potential clients you’ll send them an email instead.

c) Hire an experienced website copywriter that can read your soul and translate it into words on a website that ranks.


"Just after reading your copy I already feel like I've got my shit together. Ha!" - Kelsey Gallipeau

No more SEO website copywriting that's boring and confusing.
It's time to raise your words 3 simple steps:

01. You fill in a short form and, if we are a good fit, we jump on a call...

so we can get clear on your brand message, your services and what makes your and your heart-centered service business unique (and tell each other what our favorite Netflix show is at the moment)

02. I retreat into my hermit copywriter's cave and start drafting insanely good website copy.

I’ll be reaching out from time to time when I need answers. And you have unlimited email access to me, so go ahead and send me any new ideas and random thoughts that’s crossed your mind.

03. It's done! Time to sit back and binge-watch that Netflix show you've been talking about.

Once we are both in a happy place with your website copywriting, you can simply plug in your authentic and intentional copy and watch your website transform before your eyes! Congrats on your new website, it’s SO you!

04. Like me? Keep me close!

Website copywriting done! But that doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye. In fact, it might just be the beginning. If you want to keep me as a handy copywriter by your side to take over all your content marketing, then sign me up! I can work with you on a monthly retainer and send you all the copy you need for your blogs, social media, emails and any website updates! 

The result: your brand message sorted and a full website written with clear and authentic copy that you can confidently show off...AND ranks on Google!

seo copywriter for websites

With the SEO Website Copywriting Package, you get:

  • An in-depth call so you can pour your heart out and tell me exactly what you want to see in your new copy.
  • Your brand message, as clear as day. So you know exactly who your ideal client is and how to communicate with them is the most authentic and persuasive way across all platforms.
  • A practical brand voice guide and messaging framework. That you can always go back you when writing your own content or pass on to any marketing staff or freelancer you use in the future.
  • Full access to my creative El Dorado. I literally burst with creative ideas to improve your copy and map out your ideal client’s customer journey, so make the most of it!
  • SEO. Is your copy seducing Google?  Consider your SEO website copywriting sorted. I’ll identify your keywords and help you get rank better on Google.
  • Super tasty web copywriting that will get your readers stalking you for hours and desperate to work with you!

Hop on, you're in very good company

SEO Website Copywriting Package

USD 3200
  • Deep-dive call
  • Copy Strategy: Brand Tone, Positioning, Value Proposition, Brand Promise, Brand Differentiators, Core Values, Tagline, Copy style Guidelines and Example Language.
  • SEO & Persuasive Website Copy (6 pages- TBD on discovery call)
  • Bio for Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Recording of web copy walkthrough (optional)
  • Post-publish check in with Q & A
  • 2 Revisions
  • Optional: Add a marketing strategy call for $250 OR sign up for ongoing marketing consultations + blogging starting $800/month

Ongoing Content Marketing &
SEO Blogging Package

Strategy call + any of the following
Starting USD 800
  • 60 minute monthly check-in and consultation call
  • 2+ SEO-rich blogs per month (1200+ words per blog)
  • 4+ emails per month (welcome/ nurture or product/service launch emails)
  • SEO content audit
  • SEO marketing strategy
  • Copy review + edits
Whoops! Where are my manners?

Hey! I'm Chadvee, website copywriter and content strategist.

Back in 2018, I left the corporate world to build my website copywriting business and help purpose-driven creatives (like you) find their authentic brand voice, sell their creative services online effortlessly, and turn what they love doing into a profitable business.

So, if you’ve been looking for a heart-centered, quirky website copywriter for your small business, then you’re in the right place.

Tell me everything about your brand while I prepare to write persuasive (and Google-friendly) copy for your creative small business.

You in?

website Copywriter for service providers

Serving Creative and Conscious Brands since forever

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Rapid Fire Time? Go for it!

Frequently Asked Questions About Website Copywriting

To be heart-centered means to be driven by passion to make a positive impact in the world.

Being heart-centered or heart-driven implies that you are motivated by something bigger than simply making profits, you believe in your purpose strongly and you have a vision of how you want the world to be.

As a heart-centered service provider, you are client-focused. You are a great listener, constantly improving your services to help them achieve their goals and feel joy whenever your client experiences positive change in their life.

Is this you? If it is, we are a good match! Let’s talk more about how I can help you help others.

great question! A website copywriter creates meaningful and magnetic brand messaging for your business with intent to bring conversions and sales.

Typically a website copywriter will handle all pages of your website, landing pages as well as your blog to help you build authority and trust online. So you can stand out, educate, and convince your readers that you are the real deal.

In general, copywriters do more than writing – they are expert brand strategists, digital marketers, and content experts. They typically write words that attract and convert for sales pages, websites, printed marketing material, high quality blogs, advertisements, campaigns, and more.

If you want to read more about how a website copywriter can help you in your business, make sure to check out this blog.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. When you invest in seo copywriting, you are investing in copywriting that also focuses on finding the best structure, keywords, metas, tags and other tricks that will optimize your website to rank better in Google search results.

An SEO copywriter not only write personality-packed copy for your website. I also write copy that seduces Google to get you the organic traffic you need to get visible online!

If you are a creative freelancer, coach, consultant or service provider who wants to promote and sell their services and products online, website copywriting is a must.

You know how amazing you and your offer is. You know that you genuinely want to serve your clients to the best of your abilities. You know exactly what your clients need to move forward.

The problem is – your clients don’t know that you know, you know?

Website copywriting helps you get laser-focused on your ideal client and your brand message so that you can communicate your offer to your audience, effectively and persuasively.

You could spend countless hours, commenting on Facebook job posts, writing up cold emails or sitting on free zoom calls to convince your leads that you’re great at what you do…only to be ghosted by them. Or you can invest in website copywriting to make your website do the work for you!

Which one sounds better, huh?

Sure! Although my focus has always been on service-based businesses, I would love to write you some captivating copy for your products and incorporate brand storytelling in your product descriptions, promotions and more. Send me all the info on this contact form and we can talk more about it!

Sure! If you feel like you only need part (or more) of what I offer in my 2 streamlined packages, make sure to get in touch and tell me what your needs are.

The minimum I charge for a custom package is USD1500 which usually includes our deep dive consultation, brand story and messaging framework, keyword research plus 3-4 pages of copy.

Works for you? Let’s chat! Click here to tell me what you have in mind.

Psst…I designed these packages with you in mind after working with so many clients over the past years. We can always get on a complimentary discovery call to discuss further why you feel you need something different 🙂

I only take 3-4 website clients each month, so I’d recommend booking 1-2 months before you’d like reveal your new website.

Remember, this is more than a website, this is a huge step in refining your brand strategy to help you move forward in all aspects of your business. Get in early and reap those sweet benefits quick!

Initially, I will need 3-4 hours of your precious time to pick your brain, know your brand inside out and collect everything I need to create that clear captivating launch copywriting you know you deserve.

Give me that and I will handle the rest.

I know you have a LOT on your plate so you can trust I won’t be sending you a zillion emails about things that we’ve already talked about. I do my thing and you do yours, boo! Unless you want to discuss the latest season of The Crown – how good was that!? 

50% Deposit and the final payment done before finalizing your copy and handing over.

International transfers are done through Transferwise. If you have a Canadian bank account, we can simply do an e-transfer!

You’ll have to wait a minimum 2 weeks before we can delve into the website copywriting process. However, I typically get booked 1-2 months in advance so if you are planning to reveal your new website soon, you’d want to get in touch with me sooner rather than later!

I’m going to be honest, sister (and bro!) – if you have just started (like yesterday) your freelancing or creative business, investing in a copywriter might not be the best use of your money right now.

I suggest spending most of your time, effort and money researching your audience and nailing your offer. Join my email list to get my free blueprint on this now!

Now, if you have been in business for a few months/ years now, then what are you waiting for?! At this point, your copy-paste-tweak-from-competitor method is not reflecting you or your brand or your vision. And this, my friend, is creating a website that is leaking money!

So let’s not waste more precious time, shall we?

Yes! You want to get a copywriter sooner than later.

You know you’re great and you know your offer has incredible value but your audience does NOT know that yet! A copywriter helps you build trust with your audience, showcase your authority in your industry, and connect with your ideal client through personality-packed words.

Found what you were looking for?