My go-to online tools for copywriting and managing my online business that save me hours and make my life ridiculously more fun!

Say Byebye to spelling mistakes


Grammarly not only fixes your typos and spelling mistakes, but also makes your copy flow and easy to read.

I especially love using the Grammarly Chrome extension that automatically scans through (most) of my online writing, including Facebook posts, Google Documents and emails!

Content ideas on demand

Answer the Public

Find out exactly what your ideal customer is typing into Google, a.k.a, claim your SEO Master title now and let others witness your mind-reading magic powers. Add this to the list of your online tools for copywriting – you won’t regret!

Write like you speak

Hemingway App

Many times we end up writing way more complicated than we should. I blame university and watching too much Big Bang Theory…anyway, Hemingway helps you write in simple, easy-to-read copy without extra fluff or confusion.

Contracts, Questionnaires and everything else


Thinking that “affordable” and “good contract” don’t go together? Think again. I use Dubsado to create super simple contracts and copywriting questionnaires for my clients in only a few clicks. This is one tool for my copywriting business I cannot live without!

pay low fees when receiving international money

Wise (Formerly Transferwise)

If you haven’t heard about Wise (or Transferwise) before, it’s about be become your best money transfer tool for your copywriting business or any other freelance business you have. Forget about Stripe or Paypal- Wise has the best rates for international money transfer making it much more enjoyable to work with international clients. Plus it’s super simple to use.

Still figuring out your Unique Brand voice?

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