No, you don't need an MBA, 10 years of work experience or have to sell your soul to start making bank online!

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I might be your (favorite) copywriter but

This program is about more than just copy...

It’s about designing and marketing your online service business with intention and showing up on those Zoom calls without that queasy feeling in your gut, knowing that: you’ve got this!

The High Ticket Shift brings you on a transformative (dare I say, self-discovery) journey that will...

01. Show you how to create an offer so crystal-clear that your ideal client won't have to think twice before picking you!

Start attracting the right people instead of relying on being the first to comments on a “Looking for…” post on Facebook or churning out the Insta posts.

02. Help you find your unique brand voice so that writing (and talking) about your business becomes effortless.

Break away from being “just another service” online and hone into what sets you apart in the industry. Find your niche and let them know you are *the one* for them!

03. Teach you the art of pitching with confidence so the *right* clients connect with you on a deeper level (and say yes!)

Spend less time selling and more time doing what you love. With an intentional sales pitch, your Zoom call will suddenly become much more fun and much less anxiety-inducing!

...With a pro copywriter, marketing strategist and the world's best virtual cheerleader by your side to guide you all the way?

I never knew in a million years that i'd be here

High-achiever Chadvee always thought she'd be rocking high heels on her way to a client meeting in a Big-4 Consulting firm.

But after graduating Business School and working in corporate for a few years I soon found out that this was not the life that I wanted.


My creativity felt stifled and the corporate ladder made me cringe.

Suddenly reality started to sink in. 


I was not made for the corporate world. My bubbly, slightly chaotic personality felt out of place. And even though I was good at what I did, I knew I had to get out.


I decided to leave the corporate grind and go full-time into building my copywriting business. And in less than a year, I was earning consistent $10k months!


How? I designed my business to match my vision and intentionally chose to work with soulmate clients only, people I knew I could connect with on a more-than-transactional level.


BUT it wasn’t without anxiety. My Russell Group University degree had left me in over $100k of student debt and with my 30th birthday looming over me, I felt resentful, lost and just sad. I went into freelancing with wobbly legs and plenty of unanswered questions on my mind.

At the beginning, I fumbled…a lot! Grabbing onto everything that was coming my way, no matter the price tag.


But after a year of trying all things online marketing, I niched down on copywriting and focused on my serving my ideal client only. I found a mentor, took one online course (yeah, you don’t need a hundred) and focused on my personal development to grow more confident, more strategic and more purposeful in my business and in my life. The rest is history.


This is why I know you can do it too!


There’s been sooo many lessons learned to get to where I am now…and I am still learning. Every. Single. Day. Dozens of trials and errors, rejections and being ghosted (hey, even though they were strangers, it still hurts, ok!), being too much of a Yes-girl and taking on tasks that did not serve me or my business, and hundreds of medium mochas without cream later, I fine-tuned my own way of landing not only high-ticket clients but clients I absolutely adore working with.



And that’s what I intend to teach you in the High Ticket Shift (after all I have an MEd, so might as well put that to good use too!)



Imagine having *Adorable* High-Ticket Clients gushing about you like this:

Does THIS hit the spot?

The High Ticket Shift is for you if:

  1. You are an aspiring creative freelancer who has a long-term vision for their business.
  2. You recently started offering your services online but have been struggling to raise your rates and find the right clients.
  3. You *hate* posting cringy selfies and unrelated captions on Instagramhonestly why??
  4. You absolutely dread sales call…you’d rather plunge your hand in a tub full of live mice.
  5.  You’re ready to take your future in your own hands and design your life the way YOU want it to be.
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copywriting course
A course for creative freelancers, Consultants and strategists

The High Ticket Shift

A 10-week group coaching and personal branding program for purpose-driven creatives freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to build an online business dripping with authenticity and confidently sell their services online. A program that includes:  

  • An accountability group so you always have someone (lovingly) pushing you to follow through with your goals.
  • Weekly live group coaching so you can actively ask questions, share ideas and maintain the tempo (you may or may not hear my cheering ridiculously loud and dancing silly at your wins)
  • Downloadable worksheets so you can do your homework and figure out what the next best step is.
  • Lifetime recorded videos (with slides) that you can easily follow and go back to if you ever get side-tracked in your business.
  • Cliffnotes when you graduate so you have all the key points of the course summarized in one document.
  • Hello hot seat! My goal is to get you super comfortable with those sales call so expect loads of role-playing and pitch-practicing (all with a great dose of humor, of course.)
  • Real feedback. This is not a passive video-watching Udemy course. It’s hands-on so don’t be surprised if you see me reading your homework and asking you questions during our coaching sessions.

… And my step-by-step formula to building your digital empire and winning over high-ticket clients’ hearts!


Hint: You'll need intentional copy + a few other things. Grab the FREE blueprint!