The 10 Best Copywriting Niches for 2022 Every New Copywriter Should Know About

copywriting niches 2022

The world of copywriting is changing – which makes finding the best copywriting niches really important. From the emergence of chatbots to AI-driven marketing, copywriters need to ensure that their copywriting skills remain relevant. This is the only way to stay competitive in the job market. This is why finding a good copywriting niche can make all the difference.

In this blog post, we will delve into 10 emerging and growing copywriting niches in 2022. These niches are worth trying out if you want to make copywriting a profitable freelance business.

First, we’ll uncover what makes a great copywriting niche – one that works for you. Then we’ll cover 10 niches that might perk your interest and be worth investing time in for the near future.

So, if you’re serious about becoming a successful copywriter and want to find your niche, read on!

What is a copywriting niche?

A niche is a particular area of expertise to that you dedicate your profession. In this case, a copywriting niche is an industry or type of copy that you specialize in.

A niche can be a particular subject, industry, type of content (such as social media posts or SEO copywriting for websites), or even the platform you write on (such as websites, emails, or ads).

While not all of these areas of specialization may be as in-demand as others, they all have their place in the marketing world. And being skilled in one or all of them can help you find success as a copywriter.

Copywriting niches are always evolving. So, it’s important to stay up-to-date with industry trends so that you know which niches are in demand right now and which niches will be in demand in the future.

Which is what this blog is about. Let’s jump right in with a list of 7 top copywriting niches you should know about as a budding copywriter:

1. Blockchain Copywriting Niche

According to a report by Markets and Markets, the blockchain industry is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 68.4%, hitting over $67 million by 2026. Impressive right?

And the number of blockchain startups is growing every week. To capitalize on this trend, companies are looking for writers who are skilled in blockchain copywriting. And understand the intricacies of blockchain technology.

Blockchain copywriting is all about providing information about blockchain technology as well as specific blockchain platforms.

If you’re skilled in blockchain copywriting and have an in-depth understanding of blockchain and its applications, go for it! Many industries use blockchain technology for their transactions. You can use your writing to inform potential clients of the benefits of using blockchain technology in their business.

Blockchain Copywriting opportunities include:

  • website copywriting
  • investor pitch deck writing
  • SEO copywriting for blogs
  • email copywriting
  • executive ghostwriting
  • and plenty more

2. Virtual Reality Copywriting Niche

VR technologies are still new and emerging.

And while they’re slowly gaining traction in the mainstream, they still need in-depth explanation and information.

Companies are looking for skilled VR copywriters who can explain VR technologies to the masses and help make VR accessible to everyone.

Choose this niche if you’re skilled in VR copywriting and have a knack for explaining technology to the masses. TO succeed, educate yourself on VR technologies and the different VR applications that are currently being used.

VR technologies are slowly trickling into the mainstream, and there are a number of industries where VR comes into play. Businesses and states use VR in medical, military, and education industries and plenty more. So, if you want to make VR your niche, a good idea is to also know which industry you’ll be writing for too.

3. B2B Content Marketing Niche

The B2B industry is one of the oldest industry niches in marketing, and it’s still thriving today.

B2B companies continue to invest in content marketing in 2022. Why? Because they have seen some of the best returns on investment from this strategy.

What’s B2B content marketing? B2B content marketing is all about writing content that is focused on businesses, brands, and potential customers. Businesses invest in B2B content marketing for lead generation, increasing sales, and gaining new customers for B2B companies. This is a great way of improving SEO and gaining organic traffic to the business website as well.

To become a B2B content marketer, educate yourself on B2B marketing best practices and marketing strategies.

Because, here’s the thing: B2B marketing is very different from B2C marketing.

B2B copywriting approaches writing, marketing and sales differently since you are attracting other businesses, not individuals. Think about:

  • how much ROI the business client will get
  • who the competitors are and how does your business differentiate from the rest
  • how formal or informal your business wants to sound
  • how large is the team and how impersonal are they willing to be with their clients
  • what guarantees they can give their business client

These are just some points that will inform how to write for B2B businesses.

4. Blog Copywriting Niche

For those who are still wondering, no, blogs are not dead yet!

Blogs are one of the oldest content formats out there. And they’re still as relevant today as they were years ago.

Many companies are turning to blogs for their content needs. They are often looking for a blog writing expert to help them create blog content.

This is because blogs still play a major role in SEO and inbound marketing. They help create sustainable organic traffic to the business website.

Blog writing is one of my niches too as an SEO copywriter. And it is usually a big chunk of my monthly income. The best part is that this service can be offered as a retainer. What does that mean? That you keep making money from the same client every month!

If you have a knack for creating interesting and informative blog content, this is the perfect niche for you.

To become a blog writing expert, educate yourself on blogging best practices and strategies, like:

  • SEO
  • thought leadership
  • blog research.

5. Voice Assistant Content Creator Niche

Admit it, you’re still amazed by voice assistants every time you use them! I mean – how do they do it?!

From Alexa to Google Assistant, voice assistants are booming, becoming immensely popular in the past few years. Aand many people are turning to these assistants for information, assistance, and even entertainment.

But here’s the best part. Companies are looking for copywriters who can create voice assistant content for their assistants! This includes:

  • information the voice assistant gives
  • educational content to help users understand how to use voice assistants
  • UX writing to improve the experience using voice assistants

You can use your writing to inform others of how they can use these assistants. You can also create content that will help people use voice assistants more effectively, which can be a helpful service.

6. Video Script Copywriting Niche

Video content has been growing in popularity since the dawn of the internet.

From TikTok, to Instagram Reels, YouTube & YouTube Shorts, and Facebook Live… video is pretty much all you see anymore. 

Why? Because it works!

It works so well that approximately 88% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service through watching a video alone.

So it’s only natural that companies are looking for copywriters who can create engaging and informative video content for their brands.

f you’re skilled in video content creation and have a knack for visual storytelling, this is the perfect niche for you.

Educate yourself on the different types of video content that are being used. Think about the platforms that are the most popular and study how popular videos are made:

  • What’s the hook
  • How much copy is there
  • What’s the focus on
  • What’s the CTA

Videos can be used for a variety of purposes. Find the style that works for you and you know you can write amazing copy for. Some copywriters are great at throwing punchy lines for short videos. Others love to write educational videos for Youtubers. Which one suits your skills best?

AI Copywriting and UX Writing Niche

Artificial intelligence technologies are still new and emerging. And companies are looking for copywriters who can create engaging and informative AI content for their brands.

Ironically, even AI copywriting tools need copywriters to get their tools going!

If you want to create content that will educate others on AI technologies, try this niche out.

To become an AI content creator, educate yourself on AI technologies and the different uses for these technologies.

You can also create content that will help people use AI more effectively by specializing in UX writing for AI businesses. As a UX writer, your focus is on creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for the user. AI, being a new and unfamiliar technology to many, would definitely need writers to help achieve that goal.

What experienced copywriters don’t tell you

There’s no denying that specializing in a niche will help you grow, charge higher rates and become a more accomplished copywriter.

But here’s something that most copywriters don’t tell you: we don’t niche right away!

Most copywriters have agency experience or freelance with all sorts of industries before deciding where they want their focus to be.

With years of writing for different industries and doing different sorts of copy, you’ll be able to decide which one you truly excel at. And don’t hesitate to shift gears and try something else too – that’s the beauty of working as a copywriter after all!

Good luck!

Chadvee xo

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