Why hiring a website copywriter will transform your small business forever

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In the ever-growing world of online businesses, a website copywriter can be key to reaching a well-targeted audience. You might have the best to offer, but you won’t stand a chance in competition if you don’t have a website copywriter who can put you out in the market. And it’s not just about hiring any website copywriter, it’s about hiring a great website copywriter. 

Every day slightly more than 547200 new websites are created globally.


Aren’t we all tired of websites being flooded with boring worn-out slogans? But then suddenly one will stop our scroll, make us chuckle or tear up, inviting us to click. And let’s be real, most of us end up clicking on them, right? Well, that’s what copywriting is, to be on-point combined with the art of persuasion. 

What’s the difference between website copywriting and website content writing?

Feel like you can’t differentiate between content and copywriting anymore? Let’s settle your confusion today!

Content is the single most important factor in gaining an online presence and sales.

Copywriting, in simple words, is a skill that involves promotion. The copyright is a constituent of the audience’s voice. With website copywriting, you answer questions most of your readers can’t even think of asking at that moment but they surely clear all doubts.  Website copywriters focus on the task to upgrade the know-who and real value of a brand. You can write a copy for generating leads, increasing sales, improving brand awareness, or any other action.

Copywriting is actually a skill to connect with the reader to understand individual needs. These skills allow the copywriter to focus on the pain point and offer a solution that will ultimately benefit the reader and advertiser both.

What does a copywriter actually do? 

A copywriter is someone who writes about various business models. They guide the reader to take a particular action. Anyone who can play with words and lure people into listening to a story can become a copywriter. In addition to good writing skills, a copywriter has the digital marketing knowledge to enhance sales.

A copywriter can write digitally or on print, including websites, social media, brochures, and advertisements for billboards. The interesting news headlines are a marvel of these professionals.

9 reasons why you must hire a copywriter for your website

If you own a personal website, a blog, or a digital agency site, we believe you should hire a full-time copywriter. A website that doesn’t show up in the Google search engines has little to no value. Think of it as an excellent, revolutionary product locked away in a treasure chest. 

So how can copywriters, especially SEO website copywriters, help your brand? Let’s find out:

1. Rank your brand in the top results on Google 

While buying your website or surfing online, you may have come across the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The most popular Search Engines are Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, which operate using crawlers. These crawlers take whatever you type in the search bar and consider them keywords, with which they’ll find all the web pages that might be of use to you. 

To have your website ranked means that your website will show up higher than others on that related keyword because it’s the best suited. The algorithm considers your website’s data authentic and high-quality, and there you have it! An SEO-optimized webpage. 

A copywriter considers all the integral factors that go into effective SEO optimization. If you want your website to rank above the competition, gain exposure, and organic traffic, you need someone who knows and understands SEO well to do it for you. It’s finally time to reconsider why you’ve been delaying hiring a copywriter for so long.

2. Save precious time 

Do you feel like you are always working even when you are not? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. This happens when you try to do everything on your own. It is one of the biggest mistakes people make while working online.

You may cut on some budget, but it will ultimately eat up your time and energy. Thus, if you want to upgrade your online visibility and business, automation is the only path.

Being productive and being busy are two separate things and you must understand the difference. If you are busy all the time, you will eventually burn out.

So, a copywriter will handle your website’s content part. It requires a great deal of effort, research, and time to create content that sells. Thus, you would save up enough time for other tasks.

3. Trust a marketing genius

You don’t have to be some sort of wizard to market well. If you feel like selling is not your thing, keep two things in mind. To sell a product, you need a good copywriter and a top-notch marketing strategy. This makes the customer’s journey more profitable with your website.

Copywriters with their sound digital marketing knowledge and complex analytics of search engines can help increase the accessibility and reach of your product.

Furthermore, they know how to work with the sales funnel and lead customers to the ultimate product. A marketing tactic can involve planning, writing, and implementation. So, you will get an all-in-one package in the shape of a copywriter.

4. Know that your SEO is taken care of

Copywriters have sound digital marketing knowledge. The complex analytics of search engines is not a piece of cake. You can make use of their technical experience to rank articles. The higher the keyword is in the search engines, the more customers you can attract. You can make use of their technical knowledge to increase audience retention. This will in turn increase the ROI.

5. Partner with a non-sleazy seller

As a website owner, the success of a product entirely depends on how well it is received from its target audience. You don’t have to have the very best, to sell the best. 

If you’re an online entrepreneur, you have most probably sold products or services on your website. However, launching a product you invested a lot of effort in can be tiring.

Although you have stellar products and services you know will delight your customers, you might not feel comfortable or have the know-how when it comes to the selling game.

A copywriter is basically someone who can magically take whatever it is you know and believe about your brand and business, and translate it into clear, captivating, and persuasive words on your website. So, by hiring a quality copywriter you relieve yourself from this burden.

A copywriter’s most essential skill is persuasion. Whether it is an article headline or a Facebook copy, a sales copy should have the ability to spread like fire.

It’s not time for you to save investment. Rather, spend some money and hire a professional copywriter. You gain the potential of increasing the ROI.   Read up more on the high ticket coaching funnel that generated a whopping 4000% ROI on click funnels to understand the importance of good copywriting strategies. 

6. Be audience-specific

When you want to gain some organic traffic, it is necessary to feed content to the right audience. You can’t sell a comb to a bald man.

Copywriters read your audience closely before writing a copy. It is essential to understand their thought processes and naturally attract them. Writing for a doctor and a football fan asks for a deeper understanding of their interests and dislikes. They use this information to pick on the pain points. They guide them to a reasonable solution and make money for you.

As professionals, they are experts in knowing their audience. Remember, only the targeted audience can lead to sales. Once you understand your ideal client inside out, you’ll dramatically improve your conversion rates. Copywriters are great at doing exactly this.

7. Enjoy never having to second-guess your spelling

A copywriter can take care of your grammar and spelling mistakes, too! After all, a grammatically sound writing piece with proper sentence structure is more likely to get higher conversion.

If you get a copywriter for your website, you may not need a proofreader or an editor. Copywriters have the ability to make English conversational and warm – away from the 12th-grade English seriousness that sounds boring and robotic. A copywriter not only focuses on conveying the message but also on conveying it in the correct manner. Besides grammar, they go in-depth to evaluate the sentence structure and content flow. These traits make them a desirable employee for your website.

8. Get an outside perspective

You see, after working night and day on your business project, you might be a little biased when it comes to writing down the pros and cons. This can backfire as a marketing strategy.  Remember, a copywriter is a brand professional, writing your brand message and brand voice/tone is an important part of their job!

Many professionals tend to use tough expressions and terms while explaining a point. The result: you might be guilty of overcomplicating your brand-related concepts. These things can be hard for your client, someone who might not really understand certain jargons that only your team and yourself are probably using on a daily basis. 

On the other hand, a copywriter comes into your business and brand with a fresh pair of eyes. They will question what certain things mean and why they are important. That’s the key to writing clearly and improving the reader’s experience.

9. Focus on repurposing your content:

In case you hire a website copywriter for multiple projects, you can ask them for extensive services. These can include social media copies along with blog posts and headline creation. 

Your online content means nothing if it is not being read or consumed. A website copywriter ensures your reader is engaging with your content by writing attractive headlines that increase click-through rates, social media posts that encourage comments and shares, and emails that grab your subscribers’ attention and get them to hit “reply”. 

On that note, you should never underestimate how well email marketing works. The SEO guru, Neil Patel, has also stressed the importance of email marketing. So, a copywriter can write a catchy and attention-seeking email. The conversion from the mail list leads to permanent clients.

In SEO, infographics and videos play a major role in audience retention. A copywriter can play their role of enticing the audience through writing an infographic or video copy.

Hiring a Website Copywriter can fast-track your business:

The benefits of having a copywriter for your website are endless. 

You will save time, and thus focus on more important tasks than figuring out the content strategies. A copywriter is an ultra-writer with exceptional writing and persuasion skills. 

So, if you want to automate your website and ease your burden, do not wait. You may have to pay some extra cash for a high-quality professional, but it will be worth it.

If you’re ready to take move your brand forward, check our my copywriting services here. Or just drop me a line at hello@chadvee.com. I’d love to hear your thoughts!